Problem converting maps. was: MC Navi 0.2.10 released

Mike Crash mike at
Mon Aug 23 21:46:33 CEST 2010

Boundaries are needed for correct assigning of cities and addresses to
country. It is actually don't needed, if routing to address is not required.
The use of continent boundary extracts (from cloudmate) is needed, because
country extract has broken boundaries - the cut area sometimes splits them.

For large memory requirements - I'm currently working on more functionality
(itinerary, click routing etc.). In parallel I think about optimizing of map
and converting process. I need small map, so optimizing is not my current
priority. But it will be next step, as I do what I want to do :). Please be
patient (I have job and family).

Thomas Franck wrote:
>> You can successfully convert smaller regions though - just download
>> precomputed
>> boundary extract from
>> and then use with "-bi" option. (Still won't work for germany.osm - it is
>> too large
>> to fit into memory space)
> Oh.. ic...  though, as I stated in the other mail.. I was under the
> impression that we needed the "continent" boundary to do countries..?
> does that mean we can use like germany boundary and do cities and areas?

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