Freerunner - small and fast distribution only for GPS

Carsten Gerlach daswaldhorn at
Fri Aug 27 23:02:52 CEST 2010


does someone know a small distribution which is only made for GPS usage? For 
outdoor holydays it would be nice to have such a distro. There is no need for 
using the GSM, blootooth, wifi, acceleration sensor and so on. It should only 
be fast at booting and should have a small energy consumption. For the 
application I'm thinking of something like tangogps. It should be able to show 
the position on a map and log a track.

Ok, if there is not such a distro, would it possible to build it? My 
programming skills are very small for this topic so I don't know where to 
start. A little help from you would be nice. :-)

Thanks for reading and for any hint to the right direction. :-)

Greetings, Carsten

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