Freerunner - small and fast distribution only for GPS

Joshua Judson Rosen rozzin at
Fri Aug 27 23:51:03 CEST 2010

Carsten Gerlach <daswaldhorn at> writes:
> does someone know a small distribution which is only made for GPS usage? For 
> outdoor holydays it would be nice to have such a distro. There is no need for 
> using the GSM, blootooth, wifi, acceleration sensor and so on. It should only 
> be fast at booting and should have a small energy consumption. For the 
> application I'm thinking of something like tangogps. It should be able to show 
> the position on a map and log a track.

I haven't really looked at it, but perhaps the OpenTom project has
something to offer that could be easily adapted to the FreeRunner
in the case that you don't come across anything else:

They're mainly focused on documenting how to get a Linux OS other than
the stock TomTom firmware installed onto TomTom hardware, but maybe
there is some subset of that community that's interested in
using their GPS units as a GPS units, too. :)

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