QtMoko v26

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sat Aug 28 22:31:23 CEST 2010

qtmoko has new v26 release. You can get it from our sourceforge page [1].

Qtmoko is distribution for Openmoko Freerunner phone based on debian and 
qtopia. You can find more info here [2] [3] [4].

Here is list of changes since previous stable version (v24):

* Fixed WS (white screen) problem in qmplayer & QX rotation (Gennady Kupava)
* Fixed unresponsive touchscreen after resume (Gennady Kupava)
* Better mass storage scripts (Alex Samorukov)
* Use blue indicator is used for wifi activity (Alex Samorukov)
* Reconnect wifi after resume (Alex Samorukov)
* Updated QtMaze with better graphics and other enhancements (Anton Olkhovik)
* We use kernel modules for bluetooth
* QMplayer supports command line arguments (Anton Olkhovik)
* QMplayer support for youtube videos (Anton Olkhovik)
* QMplayer can encode videos suitable for Freerunner's screen
* More reliable GPRS connection (Alex Samorukov)
* Dont mount /var/cache/apt for SD card images which makes apt work better
* Working for bluetooth hands free for GSM calls
* Shell scripts that are executed on suspend/resume (Piotr Gabryjeluk)
* APGS and GPS standby support (Piotr Gabryjeluk)
* Fixed "When locked" power management mode
* Bigger QTerminal (no tabs whith only one session)
* Support for A2DP bluetooth audio
* Raptor - GUI for apt package manager
* QMplayer - support for playlists (Anton Olkhovik)
* New nice theme called finximod (Joif)
* Stripped kernel modules for saving more space
* Deleted unused dejavu fonts for more space
* Use stylesheet for better html forms rendering in Arora (Ant+Alex)
* Arora supports downloading and playing youtube videos (Anton Olkhovik)
* Arora is smaller uses tab labels and better animation (Alex Samorukov)
* Tab bar size and zooming as upstream Arora does (Alex Samorukov)
* Fixed "not found error page" in Arora (Alex Samorukov)
* We have kernel sources on github [5]
* New apps - qweather (Anton Olkhovik) and qneoriod game (Bala)
* PDF support in eyepiece (Alex Samorukov)
* Fixed crashing qdictopia (Alex Samorukov)

Most of the changes dont need comments, but some require explanation.

First of all kernel fixes from Gennady deserve big credit. Finally after years 
you should not see any white screen. Watching videos in qvga and rotating X 
server now works flawlessly. Thanks!

Kernel sources with current .config can be found on github [5]. Updated 
instructions for building are in rootfs howto [6].

You can now watch youtube videos from Arora web browser. Nice howto is here 
[7]. There is currently problem that mplayer cant handle flv files. I think this 
is due to changes in youtube videos format, because it worked with apt-get 
installed mplayer before. But you can download the video and encode it to mp4 
in qmplayer right on the device.

QtMoko should now save AGPS data before GPS is switched off (e.g. after you end 
NeronGPS). After GPS is switched on, it will supply those stored data and you 
will get fast fix. AGPS data is stored in /var/cache/agpsdata.

Bluetooth headsets can be now used for both audio and GSM calls. GSM calls 
needed fix because of kernel bug. The fix is userspace program gta02-gsm-bt-fix 
by Gabrys and is started/stoped when handsfree connects/disconnects. There is 
problem that you must have incomming call first. If you make outgoing call 
first, you will have no audio. This should be fixed in newer kernels but we dont 
know fix for 2.6.29 kernel used in this release.

A2DP (bluetooth audio) support works too but with some glitches. You need 
headset with A2DP support. After pairing press "Supported services" from 
bluetooth device context menu. New button "Connect audio (A2DP)" should then 
appear. Sometimes it fails to connect. For me it help putting headset in 
pairing mode, restart phone and then the button works. If you make the 
bluetooth audio device default it will work in all alsa programs, but expect 
problems e.g. with GSM calls. If you dont make it default GSM will be ok. 
However only QMplayer can detect it and use it now.

Other changes should not need more explanation, but if you would like to know 
some details i will be happy to answer questions.

Thanks for everybody who helped with this release. I hope you'll like the 
changes and new features.



[1] https://sourceforge.net/projects/qtmoko/files/
[2] http://qtmoko.org/
[3] http://activationrecord.net/radekp/qtmoko/
[4] http://github.com/radekp
[5] http://github.com/radekp/linux-2.6
[7] http://activationrecord.net/radekp/pub/qtmoko_youtube_howto.jpg

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