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Period 2010-11-01 to 2010-11-30

*** Distributions ***

	Debian GNU/Linux

Debian is a universal operating system used on many embedded devices,
servers and home computers. Using Debian on the FreeRunner gives
access to the huge army of software packaged in the Debian
repositories, already compiled for the Neo's ARM(v4) processor.
Moreover, one can build one's own source files for programs without
having to learn the OpenEmbedded way. For an existing Debian/Ubuntu
user, choosing Debian for Neo FreeRunner makes phone a very familiar,
trustworthy and flexible place to hack in.

General news:

    * Second Openmoko specific Linux 2.6.34 kernel is available. Highlights:
          o EXT4 support, UbiFS support
          o GPS suspend handling patch from Gennady Kupava
          o Jitterless touch patch
          o CONFIG_HZ=100
          o Miscellaneous configuration wishes fulfilled

Codename: 'sid'
Homepage: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianOnFreeRunner
Image: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Debian

*** Applications ***

New Applications


Micromoko is a Twitter primarly for SHR/OE. It is written in C using
Elementary, it has a builtin Twitter library. It's not available on
SHR yet, you need to compile it manually. It depends on libmokosuite:

Homepage: http://gitorious.org/mokosuite2/micromoko
Package: sources
Tested on: SHR

Application Updates

	Podboy 1.7.2

A podcast aggregator / player written in Python / Elementary.

    * New release due to Elementary API changes in Icon, List and
Toolbar widgets (python-elementary revision >= 53901)

Homepage: http://code.google.com/p/podboy/wiki/Overview
Package: [1]
Tested on: SHR

	Minneo 1.0.2

A classic Memory game

    * New release due to Elementary API changes in Icon, List and
Toolbar widgets (python-elementary revision >= 53901)

Homepage: http://code.google.com/p/minneo/
Package: [2]
Tested on: SHR

	Chroneo 1.0.1

A Stopwatch and Timer

    * New release due to Elementary API changes in Icon, List and
Toolbar widgets (python-elementary revision >= 53901)

Homepage: http://code.google.com/p/chroneo/
Package: [3]
Tested on: SHR

	Neomis 1.0.3

A computer version of the well-known electronic game named Simon

    * New release due to Elementary API changes in Icon, List and
Toolbar widgets (python-elementary revision >= 53901)

Homepage: http://code.google.com/p/neomis/
Package: [4]
Tested on: SHR

	NeoTool v1.3

NeoTool is a bash script for your desktop system to provide a friendly
GUI frontend to some common management tasks, like for example
flashing Openmoko smartphones. It is aimed at being very intuitive and
easy to use, and flexible enough to make it useful in a wide variety
of circumstances.

    * Added (broken) ubifs support per chris' patch

Homepage: http://users.on.net/~antisol/neotool
Package: [5]
Tested on: openSUSE / CentOS / Fedora / Mandriva / RHEL

*** General News ***

Most important and change making mails on the mailing lists, blogs
etc.. Coolest hacks, screenshots, themes etc..

    * Latest news on the ”GTA04” project from Golden Delicious - a
project to create modern replacement board for the FreeRunner case +
display, using ARMv7 CPU and 3G modem:

    * Presentation ”Tuning an old but free phone” was held at FSCONS
2010: http://losca.blogspot.com/2010/11/free-society-conference-and-nordic.html
(video not yet available, only slides)

*** Event News ***

    * 2010-12-04 German Open Hard&Software Workshop on 4th/5th
December 2010 in Munich; will cover Openmoko, Beagle Board, Arduino,
OpenPandora, ...; still in planing phase; to stay and participate in
planning loop please subscribe to:

    * 2010-12-?? Buzz fix and free beer brewing party in Washington,
DC: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/BuzzFixParty#Washington.2C_DC_-_United_States
- tell about your interest! Mailing list post

    * 2011-01-24 Mobile FOSS MiniConf at LCA2011 announced a call for
papers that closes on Friday 22nd October 2010. So submit something
about OpenMoko today!

    * 2011-02-05/06 FOSDEM 2011 calls for Main Speakers and Devrooms
[6] that closes on Saturday 16th October 2010. So submit something
about OpenMoko today!

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