Interesting new 'Open' Hardware & how do I build shr for it?

Gennady Kupava gb at
Wed Dec 1 13:29:41 CET 2010

В Пнд, 29/11/2010 в 01:24 -0800, c_c пишет: 
> Hi,
>   I was looking at - which is a project at getting Android
> working on all TI OMAP series boards and I saw a link to
> Apparently, Embest (who also make the DevKit 8000 - a beagle board like
> board) have made a 7" MID with GPS, camera, mini PCIe (they have a WCDMA
> module), WiFi and bluetooth running on OMAP 3530.
>   I ordered a device and I find that :-
> 1.  It's built quite well
> 2.  It's responsive and fast (running android 2.1 as of now)
> 3.  The hardware schematics are available online
> 4.  The source code for kernel 2.6.29, x-loader and u-boot are also
> available online
> 5.  It has a lot of space between the board and the casing - I'm thinking
> mods like the Freerunner Navigation board
> 6.  The company seems responsive enough
>   I'm now looking at getting a custom kernel (something newer) running on
> it. Also, I was aondering how do I get SHR ported onto such a device? I have
> the entire openembedded based SHR build system (something I've been using to
> build stuff for the FreeRunner) with me - but I'm not sure how to go about
> changing the target system.

Hi, c_c!

Thank you for link.

Specifications ( ) are not really
promising fast speeds: it is only 600Mhz cpu, and 'up to' 256 Mb sdram
volume is not really good for long term usage. Nothing told about
graphic card, so i guess CPU managing LCD, that should eat cpu resources
too. So, only caches size, memory type (unspecified) are different from

According to same page critical parts are missing from android like
power management, bluetooth, usb device support, and mic(!) and device
is mostly oriented to WinCE (notice also .asp in web address), this
sounds too bad for anyone who want open device, or hackable device with
linux on board at all.

Regards, Gennady.

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