qtmoko v30

Ole Carlsen ole at carlsen-web.dk
Sun Dec 5 15:59:52 CET 2010

Den 05-12-2010 11:45, Radek Polak skrev:
> - fixed headset jack detection
> - Danish translations (Ole Carlsen)
> - GPRS fix (Timo Juhani Lindfors)
> - battery_platform for dumb batteries as module
> - force GPS power up on resume (Gennady Kupava)

> I hope you will like this release, although i had less time for it and it has
> less improvements than i would like to.

I will like it, just the fact that the headset jacks now works is great 
for me. Secondly the build of the Danish translation seems to have 
failed all files have the size of 327-334 bytes which seems to me to be 
a little to small. I have now checked a great part of the translation 
and corrected some translation and misspelled errors. Would you like me 
to send the result for now to you??

Ole @ Carlsen-web.dk

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