small announcement, GPS u-boot one more fix Was: qtmoko v30

Gennady Kupava gb at
Mon Dec 6 21:58:55 CET 2010

Hi, all,

Inspired by this bug:

> Bugs:
> - GPS (I didn't try it yet, sorry) seems always powered on, or at least in
> Neo Tool it is always "GPS: 1", also after powered it off with the Devtools.

I decided to announce in ml that i setup small page on wiki about u-boot

I am planning to post all u-boot binaries I am doing to that page. Page
contains basic FAQ information how to setup u-boot, and link to git
repository with all changes.

I am planning to support this u-boot version as far as i can, please
just write down links or short bug reports to wiki.

Today i fixed one more problem with GPS power. In old version, u-boot
powered GPS on, and kernel didn't really work well in this situation, to
workaround that (and turn gps off), you had to do:

#cd /sys/devices/platform/gta02-pm-gps.0/
#cat power_on 
# echo 0 > power_on 
# cat power_on 
# echo 1 > power_on 
# cat power_on 
# echo 0 > power_on 
# cat power_on 

With new version of bootloader, it is working just fine as expected.

New u-boot:

I tested gps with command-line tools, it seem working well, so
kernel-side should work just fine in all cases (resume, boot).

GPS seem powered up fine, but not powered down (i am using qtmoko v28).
Some thing with NeronGPS (it powers up, not down)

om tool working good.


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