Qi & QtMoko

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sun Dec 12 10:20:01 CET 2010

Kosa wrote:

> I think the qtmoko-debian-v30.tar.gz comes without a kernel but
> instructions says nothing about getting a kernel from somewhere else.
> Thanks in advance.

Ahh sorry, this is my bad. I was doing the image in haste and forgot to copy 
the kernel in /boot. So you can try:

- some older release (v26 is 100% ok but still with old 2.6.29 kernel)
- download uImage-v30.bin to /boot and rename it to uImage-GTA02.bin + in the 
same folder do:

echo "console=tty0 loglevel=3 rootwait" > append-GTA02

Again sorry for troubles, i didnt have much time for qtmoko in past weeks, but 
it should be better now. I hope i'll do new release soon. v30 has kernel with 
KMS patches which are probably causing SD card corruption so new release will 
be without them.



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