OM/FSO/SHR related stuff for CELF embedded project proposals for 2011?

Paul Wise pabs3 at
Thu Dec 16 06:09:54 CET 2010


The CE Linux Forum is looking to fund proposals for embedded Linux
projects. "Each year, CELF spends money on contract work to improve
Linux for use in embedded systems. Some of the projects we have
sponsored in the past include Linux-tiny, DirectFB enhancements, smem,
U-boot and kexecboot improvements, and Squashfs and YAFFS mainlining."
If you have an idea, now is the time to submit it and, with luck, be
paid to implement it.

Some ideas I thought might be useful to OM/FSO/SHR folks:

Mainlining u-boot support for OM devices.

Support for AR6001/AR6002 in the ath6k driver and mainlining it.

Work on porting Linux to newer phones and mainlining Android code.

Mainline, bugfix the drivers for the Freerunner Navigation Board.

Any more ideas?

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