[debian] experimentation with ofono, telepathy-ring and empathy...

Neil Jerram neiljerram at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 14:53:59 CET 2010

I thought this worth mentioning just in case others are doing similar
things: I'm experimenting with the stack mentioned in the Subject, on
my debian install, to see what kind of UI it gives, and how stable the
telephony is.

Current status is that
- with a patch to enable udev autodetection of the calypso modem [1],
ofonod starts up and detects the modem
- the empathy UI's debug log (and also the "Previous Conversations"
area) shows SMSs being successfully sent and received, but there's no
indication of this in the main UI
- I tried an incoming call, and again the debug log shows some trace
of this, but there was nothing in the UI.

[1] http://lists.ofono.org/pipermail/ofono/2010-December/006497.html


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