[debian] howto: rebuilding sgt-puzzles for the FR

Neil Jerram neiljerram at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 00:08:07 CET 2010

For people who like Simon Tatham's puzzle collection...

On my SHR-T, for a long time I've used Frode Austvik's sgt-puzzles
.ipk package.  Compared to the standard Debian package, this .ipk for
SHR is better because it has a couple of tweaks for "stylus-based"
devices like the FR.  (Specifically, it adds some extra buttons, and
makes clicking somewhere twice, in some puzzles, equivalent to a
right-click.)  I've wondered about this for a while, and yesterday
evening I finally realised that (a) the necessary code, i.e. Frode
Austvik's patches, is all already in the Debian source package; and
(b) it's quite easy to rebuild the package (on the FR) to enable it:

# apt-get build-dep sgt-puzzles
# apt-get source sgt-puzzles
# cd sgt-puzzles-8853
# vi puzzles.h

Comment out the "#ifdef _WIN32_WCE" and "#endif" around a group of
defines for "Pocket PC devices", which are equally applicable to the

# debian/rules binary
# dpkg -i ../sgt-puzzles_8853-3_armel.deb

Now I can play Loopy as much in my Debian as in my SHR-T....


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