[shr-u] "Your SIM storage is full..."/PIM problem

pike pike-openmoko at kw.nl
Sat Dec 18 13:42:54 CET 2010


> "Your SIM storage is full. Please delete some messages or you may not
> receive them anymore!"
> on a regular basis.

I get the message after every reboot and after receiving
an sms, everytime.

> and I really
> don't seem to be able to receive any text messages (SMS) anymore.

I am - it just works. The error message itself is the bug in my case.

I am assuming some process is looking at the non-opimd storage
(which had the .. 20 ? .. messages limit), in fact, there may
be 20 messages stuck there, but not in the opimd storage I'm
using right now. If that is so, switching to the old storage,
cleaning that up, and returning to the new storage would help.
I've learned to live with it :-/


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