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Iain B. Findleton ifindleton at
Sat Dec 25 18:37:06 CET 2010

I did a lot of work with my FR on the accelerometers. The output from
the chip is quite noisy. There is a script I wrote in TCL on the
SourceForge web site under the fltkwish project page. It may give you
some ideas about that can be done. In my experience, the results vary
depending on which of the chips you use.

Note that on the iPhone, some versions of which used the same chip, you
only get access to the 100/sec samples, and from what I can tell, they
are smoothed, although I have not seen the iPhone driver.

The other issues is there was at one time some confusion about how the
driver reported through the event mechanism. I forget the details now,
but working code depended on how up to date your kernel was. If you have
a kernel of recent vintage, should not be an issue.

On 12/24/2010 06:17 PM, Timo Juhani Lindfors wrote:
> "W. B. Kranendonk" <wankelwankel at> writes:
>> Is that useful? This is while the FR is lying flat on its back. I
>> haven't compared it to output from the other FR yet.
> Raw binary output would be a lot easier to parse.
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