Re : Re: accelerometer calibration

Timo Juhani Lindfors timo.lindfors at
Sat Dec 25 22:36:44 CET 2010

"W. B. Kranendonk" <wankelwankel at> writes:
> I found it after searching for accelerometer-dump, but (the FR)
> didn't have gcc installed and don't know yet which packages to
> install to make it useful. At least a reason now to dive into
> figuring that out :-)

Just capture the data on FR but run it on your PC. Like

lindi at sauna$ ssh neo cat /dev/accelerometer-top | accelerometer-dump

> Any idea what to do about the diversion? I bought that FR second
> hand, and it has had this "feature" ever since I got it.

I guess you could fix it by software but such a fix is probably not
going to be accepted upstream since it is so ugly :-)

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