Top-shelf buttons in SHR (was Re: [ANNOUNCE] release candidate 1 for new SHR-testing 2011.1)

Daniele Forsi dforsi at
Sun Dec 26 20:30:23 CET 2010

2010/12/26  <mokoalois at ...>:

> after installing shr-theme-neo everything works really fine and is in "neo-look".
> But after a reboot, the old default-theme gets active and in the top-shelf the Buttons "< X >" are not shown anymore after pressing at the expected location of the display.

the buttons disappeared also after the first reboot after a fresh install

> Another possibility to get the "< X >"-button back to life after rebooting:
> - choosing the Default profile in "Settings > Profiles"
> this revives this usefull button.

thanks for mentioning this, I wasn't able to change profile with the
GUI (apparently nothing happened and enlightenment_remote
-default-profile-get was still showing illume2-shr) but the following
command changed it, surviveing to reboot:

enlightenment_remote -default-profile-set default

Daniele Forsi

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