Android standby time

Rashid rashid at
Mon Dec 27 05:00:08 CET 2010

What is exactly standby? 

Disabled gps, bluetooth, wifi, locked screen and a powered off display?
Can you receive calls and sms in this mode? 

In QtMoko I have around 1 day and a few hours standy time... do you know
if android on freerunner is going to improve its battery life?

I read disabling widgets (drains power from cpu even in stand by) helps.
Did you do it?


Hi, I am using Android on Freerunner cupcake as daily phone without
problems; my version is 20100130 (released on 30th gen 2010), is a bit
bugged but has no important problem, the main defect is with mp4 and
youtube player. Bettery life is around 12-14h in standby and about 8h
with some calls (without #1024 fix); also, wifi takes a lot of battery
(about 4h with wifi on and no standby). On the other hand, i can use
market and a lot of apps ;) mp3, gps, sms and calls work good, but video
player (as i said before) has some problem. 

I hope this can help you. Bye, Sanvy 

PS: sorry if i will not reply for some days, but i'll leave city for
holiday and i'll have no internet connection.

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