QtMoko v30; UBIFS; can't boot

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Tue Dec 28 22:40:10 CET 2010

Ivan Matveev wrote:

> That's the sources I'v looked at to learn how Qi uses NAND partitions.
> Funny
> find ./ -exec grep -H ubi '{}' ';'
> finds nothing relevant. Am I looking at the right sources?

Ahh sorry, i forgot you need to be on the right branch:


> I think it wold be ideal if Qi wold treat NAND as a regular partition,
> i.e. wold read  kernel options from identity-ext2/append-GTA2.
> I think I could implement that. Looking for the place in the sources
> where Qi reads append-GTA02. Have a little difficulty understanding
> the sources.

I might be wrong, but that would involve reading jffs2/ubifs/yaffs and whathever 
else filesystem. This goes quite against the idea of qi to keep it simple.



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