Qi vs U-boot (was Re: QtMoko v30; UBIFS; can't boot)

Ivan Matveev imatveev13 at nm.ru
Wed Dec 29 00:29:45 CET 2010

On Tue, 28 Dec 2010 16:45:56 +0300
Gennady Kupava <gb at bsdmn.com> wrote:

> > Please tell me how to do this! I have no religious bind to Qi. To
> > hell
> with minimalism, let us all use the bootloader that is standard,
> smart, configurable and well supported.
> I think easiest way is to use fw_setenv. I rethought, need relatively
> trivial modification to u-boot to support loading plain file to env
> variable with something like 'ext2loadvar location [var]'. But this
> brain-dead by design idea 

The brain-dead idea is not mine :)

>require bootloader to support all possible
> fses (how does qi reads ubifs for kernel parameters, if it has no
> support for ubi?)

No it doesn't require jffs/ubifs support.
The "identity-ext2"(mtd5, dfu-util calls it "factory") NAND partition
contains ext2 fs. 
So on linux runing from NAND

echo "/dev/mtdblock5 /boot ext2 defaults" > /etc/fstab

Navigate to /boot, edit append-GTA02... 
Natural way for people used to PC bootloader like grub.

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