Qi vs U-boot (was Re: QtMoko v30; UBIFS; can't boot)

giacomo mariani giacomomariani at yahoo.it
Wed Dec 29 12:31:41 CET 2010

>> > Please tell me how to do this! I have no religious bind to Qi. To
>> > hell
>> with minimalism, let us all use the bootloader that is standard,
>> smart, configurable and well supported.
>> I think easiest way is to use fw_setenv. I rethought, need relatively
>> trivial modification to u-boot to support loading plain file to env
>> variable with something like 'ext2loadvar location [var]'. But this
>> brain-dead by design idea

> The brain-dead idea is not mine :)
> /boot/grub/menu.lst

You can achive a "similar" result using editUenv.sh from http://code.google.com/p/edituenv/ (also based on devirginator).

It is quite rough, but may help. 



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