grsecurity in kernel?

Vinzenz Hersche hersche at
Wed Dec 29 23:38:07 CET 2010

Glenn, i like to try this for a kernel..  it should need just be a patched 
kernel (so need to recompile) and a loaded kernel or what do you think?
i don't know so much about cross-compile, but i like to learn it.. if also 
someone else like to join the try or so, you're welcome :)

Timo, you'r right about X.. that's a big hole.. how is it on qtmoko, because 
of no x-server?
Timo schrieb am Mittwoch 29 Dezember 2010:
Glenn < at> writes:
> Maybe it might be a good idea to embed grsecurity in the kernel - for
> two reasons:

I think the main goal should be to upstream our changes, not add new
changes that are not upstream.

> * Debug programs and drivers (faster debugging?)

What has grsecurity to do with debugging?

> * Heighten security

I'd first urge people to run their X appliations as non-root :-)

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