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On Thursday 30 December 2010 16:05:03 Hrabosh wrote:
> 1/ USB Host is not working in v30, v31 (in v26 is). Dmesg says "unable
> to enumerate device". I was trying to connect USB flash drive, BT dongle
> and USBtoRS232 converter (With PL2??something chip) - all these were
> working on v26.
not sure, make sure you set usb to host most in dev tools, if that's not it 
maybe go to log level 8 and get some more detailed info about what's wrong? 
You can do this in the kernel parameters in /boot/append or in QI just press 
the power button after the second flash of the aux button 

> 3/ Where am I to copy MP3 files to make MediaPlayer see them? I copied
> them to /media/card/Documents/audio/mpeg
> and /home/root/Documents/audio/mpeg but still didn't see in MP. QMplayer
> was able to find them on first scan, but only if there were no further
> directories in /home/root/Documents/audio/mpeg. Is there a way how to
> tell these programs where are my MP3s stored?

Go to software packages and download the mp3 codec, then execute the file that 
shows up in applications. Suddenly media player will read mp3s in ~/Documents 
(qtmokos ~/ which is /home/root not the debian /root)
> 4/ Does anyone know how to set FreeRunner to play music over bluetooth
> audio stream? AFAIR it is called A2DP. Radio in my car is able to play
> such stream so I'd like to use it.

You can add debian unstabled repos and see if there is anything there, I would 
be very surprised if not...

> 5/ I'm going to replace 2.5" audio socket in FR by 3.5" socket -> so I
> could connect my headphones directly to FR. Did anyone try so?

Please document if you do this! I've lost the second earphones I got for this 
(kindly given to me by my friend Brolin) and it's a real pain to find 2.5mm 
headphones here.

> 7/ Can I use MP3 files as ringtones?

Yes, see my re to 3

> 8/ Can I install ipk packages to QtMoko?

Not the ones built for SHR.... qtmokos got every debian package so something 
should do what you're looking for.

> 9/ People I call with are complaining about bad sound quality. Did it
> happen to any of you?

not yet...

> Thanks for your time,
> Zbynek,
> Brno, Czech Republic
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