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Thank you ! Please see my comments inside...

Alishams Hassam píše v Čt 30. 12. 2010 v 18:04 -0800:
> On Thursday 30 December 2010 16:05:03 Hrabosh wrote:
> > 
> > 1/ USB Host is not working in v30, v31 (in v26 is). Dmesg says "unable
> > to enumerate device". I was trying to connect USB flash drive, BT dongle
> > and USBtoRS232 converter (With PL2??something chip) - all these were
> > working on v26.
> > 
> not sure, make sure you set usb to host most in dev tools, if that's not it 
> maybe go to log level 8 and get some more detailed info about what's wrong? 
> You can do this in the kernel parameters in /boot/append or in QI just press 
> the power button after the second flash of the aux button 

Hrabosh: I pressed the power button (a have v31 on the NAND memory, thus
not able to use /boot/append because Qi is not reading UBI FS .. right?)
and saw kernel messages scrolling down the screen- simmilar to what I
can see when my Linux computer is booting.

USB device (ethernet mode) works fine. If i switch the phone to USB host
mode (by running the script in dev tools), message in kernel log

[131.660000] s3c2410: changing USB to host
[131.900000] hub 1-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 2

- last line is repeated cca 10 times.

Ethernet mode is then not working (unless I run "USB device mode" from
dev tools), but FR is charging the battery if plugged to the
computer/charger. Devices, connected to FR's USB port, are not working
and seem not to be powered at all.

> > 
> > 3/ Where am I to copy MP3 files to make MediaPlayer see them? I copied
> > them to /media/card/Documents/audio/mpeg
> > and /home/root/Documents/audio/mpeg but still didn't see in MP. QMplayer
> > was able to find them on first scan, but only if there were no further
> > directories in /home/root/Documents/audio/mpeg. Is there a way how to
> > tell these programs where are my MP3s stored?
> >
> Go to software packages and download the mp3 codec, then execute the file that 
> shows up in applications. Suddenly media player will read mp3s in ~/Documents 
> (qtmokos ~/ which is /home/root not the debian /root)
Hrabosh: It works! Thanks! But media player seems not to be able to play
music fluently when phone is in use (reading SMS, using Arora... ) -
QMplayer is playing fluently no matter what you do with the phone. 

> > 4/ Does anyone know how to set FreeRunner to play music over bluetooth
> > audio stream? AFAIR it is called A2DP. Radio in my car is able to play
> > such stream so I'd like to use it.
> > 
> You can add debian unstabled repos and see if there is anything there, I would 
> be very surprised if not...

Hrabosh: There was such option in some player I had in SHR distribution.
You could choose whether to play using spekares or  BT headset. I'll try
to google something more ...

> > 5/ I'm going to replace 2.5" audio socket in FR by 3.5" socket -> so I
> > could connect my headphones directly to FR. Did anyone try so?
> > 
> Please document if you do this! I've lost the second earphones I got for this 
> (kindly given to me by my friend Brolin) and it's a real pain to find 2.5mm 
> headphones here.
Hrabosh: OK, I'll let you know.

> > 7/ Can I use MP3 files as ringtones?
> > 
> Yes, see my re to 3
> > 8/ Can I install ipk packages to QtMoko?
> > 
> Not the ones built for SHR.... qtmokos got every debian package so something 
> should do what you're looking for.

> > 9/ People I call with are complaining about bad sound quality. Did it
> > happen to any of you?
> > 
> not yet...
> > 
> > Thanks for your time,
> > 
> > Zbynek,
> > Brno, Czech Republic
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