QtMoko v31

Ole Carlsen ole at carlsen-web.dk
Fri Dec 31 14:47:09 CET 2010

Den 30-12-2010 16:40, Radek Polak skrev:
> - updated Danish translation (Ole Carlsen)

Hi Radek
I don't have any comment on v31 in general as I haven't tried it very 
long yet. I though have some comment on the Danish translation as it 
looks like some of the files doesn't get build, primarily those with 
'Qtopia' in their name and I think there are some 7 files missing as I 
did translate 88 but there are 'only' 81 in the folder.

I will probably do some testing now and return in the new year. :-)

Ole @ Carlsen-web.dk

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