New release of TclFltk and a couple of simple apps...

Iain B. Findleton ifindleton at
Fri Jan 1 01:04:15 CET 2010

I have posted a new release of the TclFltk application development
environment to the web site

The current version is TclFltk-1.0.155-x and is available for Windows,
Linux (rpm and deb) and the  Openmoko Neo FreeRunner (ipk)

This release contains a number of bug fixes, an additional 3D plot
widget and some documentation improvements.

I have also posted to the site a couple of applications for use on the FR.

    gravity-1.0 - Displays the local gravity vector as computed from the
accelerometer data
    photos-1.0 - An image display and animation application for the FR

These latter applications are in the form of binaries. Source code is
available on the SF site in the form of .tcl files in the Openmoko
sub-directory. You will need to install the .ipk files as they contain
the supporting images, icons, etc needed to get the applications up. The
source files can be run directly after you install the .ipk files by
making them executable.

These applications are O/S independent scripts and have been built and
tested on SHR-U and various OM200x.X releases.

Note that you MUST have the tcl environment installed on your machine,
and you may possibly have
to provide a soft link for if it is not already there. This
soft link should work fine on all releases of tcl.

eg:   On the FR:

        opkg install tcl
        cd /usr/lib
        ln -sf

or something similar, depending on your setup.

Note also that I install applications to /usr/local/bin, etc. If you
don't have a /usr/local path, you may need to make that as well:

       for d in bin lib ; do mkdir -p /usr/local/$d ; done

For support, e-mail ifindleton-no-spam- at

With this package on your various platforms, you can develop
applications in a platform independent
context, then just move them where you want them to run.

Happy New Year!

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