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clare johnstone claregj at
Fri Jan 1 14:00:54 CET 2010

On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 6:54 AM,  <blackfalcon1 at> wrote:
> im using neovento 5.6. im trying to see some pics i have on my sd
> card. How do i get it to work. some help please. the sd card is vfat.

Hi blackfalcon1,
I am not at all sure about the vfat, as my card in the freerunner is
being used for multibooting and I am not feeling like taking it out to
try another. However you may like to know that neovento 5.6 contains
an imageviewer. It is part of lxde and its name is gpicview.
You can find it by searching for that in google.

I tried it using the menus and it is very frustrating as the menus
have never been set up to fit in the freerunner. What I did is as
First i have set up the LXTerminal in a suitable size and saved it;
but that may not be necessary,
I can just type in the terminal
gpicview /mnt/sdcard/L6.jpg
which is the only pic I have available, on the sdcard.
It shows it at 100%size and there are many icons in the bottom bar
which are probably explained if you read google about it.
Hope this helps.
I have liked neovento for a long time, but lately have done little
with it as there is very little help to be had, especially in English.
I will get keen again if anyone else is interested.

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