Freerunner (GTA02v5) for sale

Marcel tanuva at
Sat Jan 2 15:03:34 CET 2010


I'm offering a Freerunner from the second batch that came from Taiwan.
It has an InvisibleShield screen protector on - once had the body shield
on, too, but that things not very nice compared to the FR's smooth matte
surface. The device did not receive a buzz fix so far, but on my rare
calls I didn't notice buzzing heavy enough to really annoy me.

The package contains:
- Freerunner GTA02v5 20080619
- Original Battery
- USB-Cable
- Wall charger with both adaptors
- 4GB µSD card with normal SD adaptor and protective case
- Laser-/LED-Pen
- The most famous Thank-You-Card ever ;)

I'd like to receive 160€ (excl. shipping) for it - or best offer.


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