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Michal Brzozowski rusolis at
Sat Jan 2 16:03:54 CET 2010

2009/12/27 jeremy jozwik <jerjoz.forums at>

> honestly michal, im on of your faithful followers of this fantastic
> program but i really dont know why you switched for the opaque /
> transparent switchable keyboard to one that is only transparent.
> im still slumming it with version 0.1 for that reason. i hardly ever
> use the transparent feature.
> and i think the opaque looks much nicer. if there were a way to change
> the font size in 0.1 in opaque mode that would be amazing.
Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the input. I'll try to reintroduce the opaque mode feature, but
don't hold your breath. After I added the new larger font, I thought opaque
mode wasn't needed anymore.

So why exactly don't you like transparent mode? Is it not visible enough or
too slow? Have you tried using it for a while (the 0.2 version) to see if
you get used to it?

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