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Neil Brown neilb at
Mon Jan 4 09:01:00 CET 2010

On Mon, 04 Jan 2010 01:12:54 +0000
William Kenworthy <billk at> wrote:

> What alternatives to the FR (with the same functionality) are there?  I
> want 3G phone/sms access and the FR doesnt cut it any more ...
> The android phones (htc dream?) - none of which are fully functional on
> FSO/SHR (I think), and access through android to the underlying system
> is minimal.
> Flow - good but pricy, and unless I am looking at the design wrong,
> there is only one adapter/interface socket so you can have a phone, or a
> GSM device, but not both at the same time.
> Nokia n900 - probably the best choice at this time.
> What others are available NOW?

Looks like an interesting device.
Not terribly cheap, and they seem to want you to buy in lots
of 1000, but once you find the price page:

it does appear that for 40% extra you can buy them in ones.
Maybe $US672 with wifi, bluetooth, gsm, gprs, gps,
$US32 extra for a camera.

Claims ( to all
work with Linux.

If you buy one, let us know how it goes :-)


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