[ALL] Freerunner GTA02v5 for Sale in Hungary

Thomas Otterbein th.otterbein at gmx.net
Mon Jan 4 17:07:51 CET 2010

Dear all,

after month and month of trying and always failing at one point I finally gave 
up on my Freerunner. I've got to admit that I prefer my phone to be unfree, 
but working (well mostly) right away.
For those of you who stay with the FR I've got to offer:

- A buzz-fixed GTA02v5, that I bought in November 2008 in Germany.
- A second battery that I got during buzz-fix
- The Power Adapter
- The nice black box it came in

I'll keep the parts that are bug-free, that is the Mini-USB, the Stylus, the 
SD and the Pouch. ;-)

The FR is in good condition since I've never really used it as my daily phone. 
Every try lasted only for a couple of days until it did not answer calls 
anymore, did not wakeup from suspend, lost SMS etc. - you know...

I'd like to receive 100,- EUR for it + Shipping Cost that may apply. I'm 
located in Hungary (Budapest).

Best Regards

Thomas Otterbein <th.otterbein at gmx.net>

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