FR cannot read uSD cards anymore

Jan Henkins jan at
Mon Jan 4 18:38:52 CET 2010

Hello all,

My FR (v5) stopped reading SD cards a few weeks back. I've tested it with
9 uSD cards, 6  known to be good (brand new Kingston and SanDisk 2Gb
cards). I've tried to contact my vendor (Truebox in the UK), but they have
yet to respond. I think the reason for them not responding is that my FR
is just outside it's 1 year warranty period (ended on the 10th of December
2009). Does anybody on this list know what could be done for me to get
this repaired? Sean Moss-Pulz from Openmoko referred me back to Truebox
(understandably so), but I cannot find any obvious place or person to help
out. I live very close to London in the UK.

Any thoughts/comments/help/flames would be welcome, since it would be a
shame to have to stop using this excellent piece of hardware. I've been
having great success with the "new" SHR (both testing and unstable
distros), and also with the latest Android on Freerunner builds. After a
year's playing about was all but ready to throw away my HP Windblowz
phone! Please help me save my FR!

Thanks in advance,

Jan Henkins

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