openmoko io error

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Mon Jan 4 19:35:15 CET 2010

* Jan Henkins wrote, Il 04/01/2010 19:24:
> Hello Roberto,
> I seem to have a similar issue. In my case my FR does not read SD cards,
> and give the same error messages as above until the kernel simply disables
> and removes the mmcblk0 device. I seem to remember that at some point
> between the v.5 and v.6 hardware, a small resistor was put on to some legs
> of the SIM or uSD card reader connections (you should be able to see one
> on yours). I have a suspicion that this is what has gone wrong on your FR
> as well as mine. Unfortunately this is simply a wild guess from my part, I
> do not have the kit or expertise to test this.

Me too i have the same issue (i'm V6), never had the chance to boot from
the SD card :-(


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