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> On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 9:43 PM, Neil Jerram
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>> 2010/1/4 Yorick Moko <yorickmoko at>:
>> > c'mon,
>> > you know he meant well
>> Yes indeed.  I apologize for raising this issue on Mike's thread; I
>> should have started a new thread and so not have singled out Mike in
>> particular.
>> Best wishes,
>>         Neil
> just my 2c: maybe you confuse free software with open source software and
> viceversa...
> Mike releases his software as free software now... maybe late as an open
> source one.
> But that's not the topic.
> Keep on going guys!
> d
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I think you're now confusing free software with freeware. Free
software app has to be open source (but not in opposite way -
 freeware and open source apps not always are free software)

What he did is freeware. Open source could be when I'd be able to look
at source, and free software would be when I'd be able to do with that
source what I want.

Remember, in "free software" term free means freedom, not free beer
(as in freeware) :P

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

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