OT: Where can I meet a female companion with similar interests and personality /in person/?

Fabian Schölzel fabian.schoelzel at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 6 23:00:19 CET 2010

Hi Ben,

i think it is clear that you want to tell him this in a positive way, but it 
quite sounds like you think it is a absolute and inevitable law to act as you 
propose. Maybe you don't see it that strict and you just want to give him good 

Well, it is right, that nobody wants to bore others with one's stuff and 
feelings - just because nobody has benefit from a monologue. But this is a 
mailing list and not a discussion with on or more persons face to face, and so 
you don't have a fixed number of listeners, nor have you direct feedback from 
their face or words. On a mailing list, you have as much listeners, as there 
are people who read the mails from Brolin just because they have interest. If 
there is only 1, that would be enough. Me for my self, i find a part of me in 
the thoughts and things Brolin describes. And i have interest.

You also said, that he could run into trouble because of the things he writes 
here. Well, that may be. Myself i think, only people, that are not able to 
deal with that amount of info and openness, would generate trouble out of this 
writings. I don't really see, where one can be too open and honest about 
himself. Is that really possible? We are all human beings, why would we want 
to hide parts of our existence? Why would we want to let taboos about what to 
say and what not to say stay? If someone don't want to read some specific 
stuff, then he should go on and do not read it. If someone (in 10 years for 
example) will make decisions or estimations on the basis of Brolins writings 
here and now - well, as i said, that may happen. Often people say "imagine 
they google you and don't give you a job". I would say: "Gladly, Brolin don't 
have to work and talk with people, who are just lost in the age of 

I don't know if i am expressing my self correct, as english is not my mother 
tongue. What i want to say is: If more people are more open and honest and 
tell others about themselves, the only thing that happens is, that we get to 
know each other better and better. In my opinion, it can in no way be a good 
advice, to not say what you want to say.

Hm, i hope i made my self understandable. Please ask me, if not.


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