Handset sound volume issues (Re: Buzz fix)

Paul Fertser fercerpav at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 23:20:56 CET 2010

-= Apertum =- <info at apertum.it> writes:
>> " The fix will remove that buzz but won't fix other issues
>> like rustling, echo or low volume. Those issues can mostly be
>> addressed with
>> software. "
>> The same happened to me, but i didn't find a viable software
>> cnfiguration to use the fr as a phone. What about you? I'm really
>> looking forward to replace my nokia N70 with fr for calls...
> I agree.
> Me too i have especially the "low volume" problem (i'm with QtMoko). I
> tried everything via mixer software, but without any success: phone
> calls are always with tiny volume, in an open space or also in a car,
> it's really difficult to ear the call. My phone it's a V6 release and
> without any buzzfix.

Do you all understand that buzzfix has nothing to do with the volume
of sounds _you_ hear? If you cramp up the volume really high but the
handset speaker is still low it just means you have a unit with
useless caps (R3004/R3005 which are sometimes 1uF caps). There were
plenty of those. And no one can tell what hardware revisions
affected. Inability to get the handset speaker emit loud sound is a
clear sign. Just short those useless caps (0402 size iirc).

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