OT: Where can I meet a female companion with similar interests and personality /in person/?

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Thu Jan 7 11:26:50 CET 2010

On Wed, 6 Jan 2010 23:00:19 +0100
Fabian Schölzel <fabian.schoelzel at googlemail.com> wrote:


> You also said, that he could run into trouble because of the things he writes 
> here. Well, that may be. Myself i think, only people, that are not able to 
> deal with that amount of info and openness, would generate trouble out of this 
> writings. I don't really see, where one can be too open and honest about 
> himself. Is that really possible? We are all human beings, why would we want 
> to hide parts of our existence? Why would we want to let taboos about what to 
> say and what not to say stay? If someone don't want to read some specific 
> stuff, then he should go on and do not read it. If someone (in 10 years for 
> example) will make decisions or estimations on the basis of Brolins writings 
> here and now - well, as i said, that may happen. Often people say "imagine 
> they google you and don't give you a job". I would say: "Gladly, Brolin don't 
> have to work and talk with people, who are just lost in the age of 
> information."

I approach this in a slightly differrent manner.
I believe that one should not be completely open to strangers and should leave some knowledge about him/her only to people he/she cares about. Being able to know someone more than others do is a gift you could give your colleagues (they know more then a stranger), your friends (you know some of your thoughts), your relatives (they know your daily life) and so on. I personally find it nice if someone shows that I'm important to her/him by sharing more of that knowledge with me.

That are also a few other reasons to not talk about oneself that I won't share with Google's caches as Google is not someone I know ;)


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