openmoko to computer calls

Jakob jackramone at
Thu Jan 7 20:45:46 CET 2010

you could use a sip client like linphone or asterisk (see openmoko
wiki for details)
and put up your own sipserver or use existing free services like ekiga.

another way would be setting up a asteriskserver (not on the neo) with
an skypegateway. see this old thread


On 1/7/10, Robin Paulson <robin.paulson at> wrote:
> i've previously been using skype on my desktop to call other people
> via their computers. i'd like to investigate other options for calling
> - asking the other user to install different software is not
> necessarily a problem
> i'm not sure where to start; what software is available (i'm using
> shr-u) to do this?
> cheers
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