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Sat Jan 9 09:46:11 CET 2010

2010/1/8 Warren Baird <wjbaird at>

> There have been improvements, but it's been very slow, and IMO we're still
> a *long* way from having a phone with even a half-decent user experience...
> and there is nothing we can do can fix issues like the poor glamo bandwidth,
> and the crappy GPRS performance.  When I'm out of the house and need to look
> something up on the web, I borrow my wife's Iphone - I can look up what I
> need before the FR's browser finishes launching, let alone loading the
> google homepage...
It sounds like you haven't spent enough time configuring your FR.

First thing I do when I reflash SHR is get rid of enlightenment, install
Icewm, install Links2, literki, and this thing is like a speed devil. Links2
is faster on the FR than Firefox on my laptop. You have dillo too, but it
probably still doesn't support ssl.

The only thing that still doesn't work perfectly for me is wifi.
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