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John Locke mail at freelock.com
Sat Jan 9 23:31:44 CET 2010


Haven't been reading the list much in a long time... I have a Neo, which
I never could use as a day-to-day phone, due to battery life. Now I've
got an N900, just wanted to comment on this:

From: Laszlo KREKACS <laszlo.krekacs.list at gmail.com>

> I also doubt if it runs smoothly on a weaker device (processor-wise). Today
> on the train I saw a guy with nokia N900. He was reading some texts on it.
> Oh dear, the scrolling was awesomely laggish. As an openmoko user I
> know a bit about laggish scrolling;-) It is really sad such a highend
> device still suffers from it. (not as bad as openmoko though)
I find that very much depends on what applications you have running, and
I'm wondering if there's a memory leak in the browser. There seems to be
a browser daemon that uses a lot of processor even when it's not
running--but after killing all the browser windows, it gets responsive
again for a while.

So some of the time it's really responsive, but now and then it gets
really bogged down... killing stuff brings it back. I think most of the
laggishness is completely related to applications, and something that
can be fixed--if I keep the number of open apps down to around 6 or so,
it's usually just fine. I do find myself rebooting it once or twice a
week, which does clear up some of these issues.

> An iphone had never such problem, and it has a weaker hardware...
That's because you can't run multiple apps on it!

I wrote up an initial review on the n900 here:
... already most of the things I identified as shortcomings are no
longer issues, either because there's now applications for it, or there
was a feature I didn't know about (such as a browser mode that allows
for mouseover, select, and drag-and-drop).

In short, after having it for a month, I'm really happy with it. Now to
find a gpsd package so TangoGPS can figure out where I am...


John Locke


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