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On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 02:05:17PM +0100, Thomas Hocedez wrote:
> @/ole : How did you managed to change the resolution ?

I have in /etc/fb.modes:

	mode "240x320"
		geometry 240 320 240 320 16
		timings 100000 8 88 2 2 8 2

Now stop the Xserver. Do:

$ echo "qvga-normal" > /sys/bus/spi/devices/spi2.0/state
$ fbset 240x320

Then start the Xserver again. This doesn't work with every kernel as
some have WSOD-issues with fbset. But it works with the one posted

You should then make some scaling tweaks. In illume settings under
Look->Scaling disable scaling by dpi. You can go to the advanced
settings and set a custom scaling factor of 1.2 times or so. I also have
in /etc/profile.d/

	export ELM_SCALE=1.2
	export ELM_FINGER_SIZE=35

Restarting Xserver then might be required.

There are a lot of problems still with the lower resolution. The first
is that my timings seem to be not 100% correct. There are some
horizontal stripes and artifacts.

If I have some time, I'll make a post stating a list of problems in
scaling and general appearance with 240x320. Maybe someone with more
insight into the field of themes, etc. can give some tips then. I'm more
the user-type. ;-)
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