phonefsod: duplicates frameworkd configurations?

arne anka openmoko at
Sun Jan 10 18:19:56 CET 2010

> Such questions about SHR apps should be asked on the shr-devel  
> mailinglist,

sounds good in theory -- in praxis it means to subscribe to yet another  
list just to pose a few question once in a very long while, but getting a  
lot of mails i am not interested in.

> As far as i know phonefsod does these things because FSO doesn't handle  
> it correctly. So until it's working correctly in FSO this is done in  
> phonefsod too.

assuming that enough shr developers are reading this list:
- is the fso default handling disabled then?
- i'd prefer a switch "let phonefsod handle the following stuff [y/n]"

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