phonefsod: duplicates frameworkd configurations?

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann mok at
Sun Jan 10 19:56:19 CET 2010

On Sun, 10 Jan 2010, arne anka wrote:

> looking into phonefsod.conf i see, that it duplicates already existing fso  
> configuration:
> - brighness
> - dim
> - idle_screen
> - suspend

> none of the above strikes me as especially particular to the _phone_  
> functionality -- in fact, imo they heavily interfere with settings made  
> elsewhere in frameworkd.conf or rules.yaml and being applied to the device  
> as a whole.

> why tries a _phone_ daemon to handle stuff common to the  overall  
> functionality?

nothing actually duplicated. We are just trying to move away from
oeventsd... so there is stuff that was in rules.yaml (the suspend
handling) - nothing though from frameworkd.conf.

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann

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