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Michal Brzozowski rusolis at
Sun Jan 10 21:06:47 CET 2010

Ok, here's another version with a few fixes
- page up, page down keys work now
- $ key works now
- can toggle between opaque and transparent mode

If you want to use opaque mode in the landscape resolution, it's probably
wise to change the window size in the config, as it occupies almost the
whole screen by default.

Please test if everything works, because I'm only available until the end of
next week, and then I won't have time to do any fixes.

2009/12/24 Michal Brzozowski <rusolis at>

> Hi,
> here you can find the new version of Literki:
> Changes:
> - fixed vibration
> - fixed some embarasing memory leaks
> - added horizontal and vertical scrolling buttons to the touchpad - they
> simulate mouse wheel scrolling.
> Since SHR is using Xorg now, all four scroll buttons work, and the pointer
> seems to be a little bit faster. This should greatly improve web browser
> experience, I hope. You can now use the mouse pointer to click tiny little
> links, and use the scroll buttons instead of scroll bars.
> Hope you have fun,
> Michal
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