Bluetooth PBAP support for FSO

Thomas Franck thomas.franck at
Tue Jan 12 14:10:03 CET 2010


On 11.01.2010 13:09, Thomas Zimmermann wrote:
> You can download the package at:
> Please try and report the result. I hope it's working but i'm not sure.

I've just tried connecting.. with the usual outcome:
FR says: new device (and is happy with that)
car says: "connecting..."  (and eventually aborts)

I will try again and again.. but first.. how do log usable data for
debugging for you?
I tried to install hcidump again, but I can't seem to find it in the
SHR-U feed..

what I did:
root at om-gta02 ~ $ hcitool scan
Scanning ...
	00:0E:9F:4E:FC:17	BMW 18208
root at om-gta02 ~ $ simple-agent hci0 00:0E:9F:4E:FC:17
RequestPinCode (/org/bluez/1538/hci0/dev_00_0E_9F_4E_FC_17)
Enter PIN Code: 1122
New device (/org/bluez/1538/hci0/dev_00_0E_9F_4E_FC_17)
root at om-gta02 ~ $

That doesn't seem to show up in any logs, though..


If it weren't for C, we'd be writing programs in BASI, PASAL, and OBOL.

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