elm_browser initial release

Petr Vanek vanous at penguin.cz
Thu Jan 14 08:26:10 CET 2010

>> it would be great to find a good name for it + icon and
>> include it in shr, it beats midory in performance big time 
>  Any suggestions? For the name and icon? 
>  There shouldn't be much diff between midori and this browser since
> both
>use webkit. Midori has a lot of functionality that this browser
>doesn't - like bookmarks.
>  OTOH, maybe this seems faster since it's lighter as of now.

it would be wise to keep it this way. midory takes over 20 seconds to
launch on freerunner. as someone pointed - you often need that long to
search for something.

>> command line? If there is no such function, could you add a
>> parameter for that?
>  There isn't any such function yet. I'll add this today.

:), need it too, to incorporate it into the system.

>  Also, What are the bare essential features required of a browser on
> the

keep it lite
toggle fullscreen
rotate the screen (not X), hopefully performance will stay
possibility to stop loading
toggle loading-displaying images 

fantastic job! ele-fant :)


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