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Vladimir Berezenko qmaster at
Thu Jan 14 16:26:12 CET 2010

В Сбт, 26/12/2009 в 08:44 +0100, Michal Brzozowski пишет:

> I'm stupid, of course you can use 2 layouts. Just use a function key,
> like fn to switch between them.
> Example:
> (russian letter)
> key a b c d
> russian sth sth 
> (english letter)
> key v w x y
> normal sth sth
> (switch)
> key j k l m
> normal sth $is_russian
> russian sth $is_russian

The problem is a bit bigger. I've tried to adopt layout conf to use
russian letters, but got stuck. There are lower case and upper case
letters. In english - everything is easy: normal and shift, but this
scheme prohibits of entering anything else then this. Seems that it
needs not such an easy method, but more complicated with switchable
layouts, not just Fn key.

WBR, Vladimir Berezenko

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