OT: Where can I meet a female companion with similar interests and personality /in person/?

Ben Cadieux ben.cadieux at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 01:13:05 CET 2010

Hi Brolin,

> Can you provide some specific examples, other than saying I want to fuck
> Tamara, which should not surprise her since she already knew that?  I
> know some people think I should not have mentioned her (full) name in
> such a context, but it is too late now.

I was referring to that comment more than most others.

> However, I am not concerned about embarrassment because I believe I have
> nothing to lose by volunteering the personal information in my previous
> posts.  For example, I would not have met Alishams if I never posted my
> original message in this thread.

I wasn't suggesting not posting at all, simply being more cautious :)

> I finally realised why your name seems familiar:  you are the author of
> WDe.  I e-mailed you about WDe in 2006. :)

Hah!  What a strange coincidence!  I live in the Lower Mainland too, by the way.

You mentioned difficulty talking to strangers.  You were able to
message me out of the blue about WDe - apply that example to your
personal life.  Find some common ground.  Someone else mentioned
volunteering to meet people.  If you volunteer doing something you
care about, you immediately have some common ground to start talking
with other volunteers - they are likely there because they care about
the same things.

Best Regards,
Ben Cadieux

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