[QtMoko] Building QtMoko failed

Yann SLADEK yann.sladek at free.fr
Sat Jan 16 13:42:32 CET 2010

Hi Radek,

I found why I got this error, Karmic Koala has only QT 4.5.3. So I used 
a PPA to get QT 4.6 and try to compile again.
I got another error immediatly after the 'make' althought before 'make' 
was returning an error maybe 10 minutes after starting

    mav at MavDesktop:~/OpenMoko/QTMoko-Build/build$ make
    make: running qbuild default
    Project () ERROR: An error occured while evaluating a QBuild script
         File:    /home/mav/OpenMoko/QTMoko-Build/qtmoko/qbuild.pro at 87
         Error:   SyntaxError: Parse error

    make: *** [all] Abandon

Somebody already got this error but didn't found anything about it : 

Thanks for your help


> Yann SLADEK wrote:
>> Hi Radek,
>> So the last commit seems to be the same but I also tried to use the last
>> branch
>> Here are commands :
>>       mav at MavDesktop:~/OpenMoko/QTMoko-Build/qtmoko/qtopiacore$ rm -rf qt
>>       mav at MavDesktop:~/OpenMoko/QTMoko-Build/qtmoko/qtopiacore$ git clone
>> git://github.com/radekp/qt.git
> Maybe you should do git checkout a2eb181371609220d111db555da07ab32627ffca
> at this point.
>>       mav at MavDesktop:~/OpenMoko/QTMoko-Build/build$ ../qtmoko/configure
>> -device neo -D _FORTIFY_SOURCE=0 -confirm-license -add-language fr_FR
>>       mav at MavDesktop:~/OpenMoko/QTMoko-Build/build$ make
> Hope it helps
> Radek
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