[QtMoko] Request for developers

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sat Jan 16 22:31:44 CET 2010

giacomo `giotti` mariani wrote:

> My problem is that I can't use any VoIP with QtMoko and this is drawing
> me crazy.

Agree, VOIP would be nice, but probably not perfect. You probably cant use 
suspend, because wifi will not wake the phone up, so you'll have very limited 
battery time.

> This is the reason I suggest you to consider http://www.qutecom.org/ for
> the inclusion in the distribution.
> Reading the document page I see that it uses Qt4 library with Cmake that
> is a "super" QMake <http://doc.trolltech.com/3.3/qmake-manual.html> and,
> looking at http://trac.qutecom.org/wiki/OWBuildIntro, the porting looks
> possible for you, but not for me.

Looks quite big and like a lot of work :( Btw i have read that somebody had 
VOIP in QtMoko working except that there was no sound which could have been 
just wrong alsa state (should be correct now).

> PS qspectemu is awesome!

Yup and is even much better now (will post news soon :)



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