[QtMoko] Building QtMoko failed

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sun Jan 17 00:54:05 CET 2010

Yann SLADEK wrote:

> Hi Radek,
> I found why I got this error, Karmic Koala has only QT 4.5.3. So I used

For me building on default QT in karmic works. Maybe you can try building 
qtmoko with QT 4.5 for the begining. You can find it qtmoko git history. Last 
tree with this QT is this one:


I'll also add possibility to build with QT 4.5 as submodule soon, because we 
still have some unresolved bugs with QT 4.6. So either try old bundled QT or 
wait a bit until i prepare it as submodule.



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